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Looking for ice cream stores nearby? You’ve probably been searching for “ice cream near me” or a similar term. Look no further than You can see the nearest ice cream parlors below, or if you want to see a complete listing of shops within your State, then click on the State and view the listings. If you’re looking for a particular store brand, simply search for it below.


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Ice Cream Stores Nearby

ice cream near me
We all know we can simply head to the ice cream store to get our “ice cream fix” but there has always been something magical about visiting an ice cream parlor that’s nearby. Whether it was Bruster’s Ice Cream, Cold Stone Creamery, Baskin-Robbins, Dairy Queen or the local mom and pop ice cream parlor, there was always this “excitement’ that will build up knowing that I would be soon devouring creamy delicious ice cream.

This site was built for you to get access to any ice cream shop nearby. Whether you are traveling, bored at home, or looking to do something fun like an ice cream vendor taste test, you’ll find lots to choose from.


10 Reasons Ice Cream Is Good For You

ice cream nearby
YES! Ice cream can be good for you; in moderation of course. I know that most people don’t think of ice cream as a healthy treat, but it does have its benefits. Let’s dive into 10 reasons why I believe that ice cream is good for you!
#1. It Eliminates Cravings

That’s right! By eating ice cream in moderation it can lessen your cravings for even more high fattening foods. If you eat a serving of ice cream (approximately a half cup) you can actually lose weight. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition did a study that found that people who ate a serving of full-fat dairy products like ice cream had an excellent chance of losing weight.

Before we get too carried away, be mindful of the fact that we’re talking about 140 calories serving with 7g of fat and 14g of sugar. Look for the slow-churned ice cream for even lower calorie counts.
#2. Cold Food Aids Weight Loss

That doesn’t seem to make sense to you right? It didn’t to me either. Apparently cold foods kick your body into calorie kicking mode. Studies show that cold foods lead to more burnt calories. As we know already, the more you burn the more you lose. Of course, this should also be done in moderation, so don’t go out and consume a pint of ice cream every day thinking that you’re going to lose weight.
#3. Helps With Infertility

Did you know that whole milk has shown to have an impact on infertility? I didn’t know that either, until recently! A study done by “The Human Reproduction” revealed that women that ate full-fat ice cream at least twice a week reduced their chances of infertility by a whopping 38%. That’s incredible, to say the least! Again, it goes without saying, they were not eating ice cream daily and it doesn’t have to be ice cream, just whole fat milk.
#4. Nutrition

Yes! Ice cream can be nutritious. It’s filled with Vitamin B and Vitamin K, and of course, you should already know it’s high in calcium and potassium as well. So, what are the benefits? Well Vitamin B is good for energy to give you that extra boost, and potassium has been shown to help lower your blood pressure. Keep in mind as well that Vitamin K does a great job of preventing blood clots too.
#5. Your Mood

This goes without saying, but having a cup of ice cream does a lot for improving your mood. Have you ever seen those “Snickers” ads on TV where the person is very grumpy then they have a snickers bar and they’re happy and energetic again? It’s basically the same with ice cream. It’s an incredible mood booster, it simply makes you happy.
#6. Increased Libido

You’re going to love this benefit! A study showed that Vanilla is the most popular flavor of ice cream. What you may not have known is that vanilla has been shown to increase your libido. When combined with the calcium and phosphorus that’s in ice cream you get a natural boost. I can see you now trying to convince your partner to buy a tub of vanilla ice cream right now, but as always, moderation is best.
#7 Immune System

Do the words lactoferrin and cytokines ring a bell? If they don’t, don’t worry, I had no idea what they were either. Let’s just say they help you get over ailments such as the flu virus. Guess what’s in ice cream? You guessed it! Lactoferrin and cytokines are in ice cream, so the next time someone asks why you eat so much ice cream, just tell them you’re building up your immune system!
#8 Energy Boost

We touched on this briefly earlier, but let’s get into it in more detail now. Ice cream provides up to 137 energy-based calories per half cup of serving. Those stats are based on a serving of Vanilla ice cream. Next time you’re feeling a bit tired try a half cup of vanilla ice cream and see if it gives you the boost you need.

#9 Stimulates The Brain

Earlier I talked about how it can help affect your mood. Here, let’s take that also a step further based on some research. Ice cream has been shown to help you “mellow out”. Basically it relaxes your brain in such a way that you feel calm and at ease. The next time you come home stressed and frustrated, head to the freezer OR perhaps on your way home stop by your nearest ice cream store. Purchase a half-cup of vanilla ice cream to help you mellow out before heading home!
#10 Strengthens Bones

I mentioned calcium earlier, so now I’m going to head back to that to mention that it can help keep your bones strong and healthy. Always remember your bone and teeth are 99% calcium so why not feed it what it needs? Go ahead, stop by your nearest ice cream parlor, and get a half-cup of your favorite flavor, your teeth and bones will love you for it!


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