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Moo Mae’s 16th Birthday

In a time before humans and dairy farms, there were the cows, free to be themselves, to speak and to roam in all the pastures they wanted. Our story is focused on a young cow named Moo Mae who on her 16th birthday was ready to discover what flavor did her milk taste like. You see, for cows it is a dream come true to find out this. It marks their personality and how they are perceived by the other cows for the rest of their life, also it is the basis of ice cream, a cow’s most favorite food in the world. Moo Mae’s mom, Clara, had told her plenty of times the story of her flavor discovery many cheese moons ago.
-I was so nervous- she told her daughter while holding her cloves – that I almost passed out and you know that that’s how great uncle Fred die, he just couldn’t get up… anyway, I was with my dad, my mom and my siblings when I pour strawberry milk. Everyone was ecstatic and my face couldn’t hold my grin. I LOVE STRAWBERRIES.
-I know mom…
-And that day we top it all off with strawberry ice cream. Isn’t it incredible?
-I guess.
-Ok, little calf, don´t you put that face on me. Whichever the flavor is, you should be proud.
-But, Felicia, the girl from history class, got chilli pepper milk. And know, nobody wants to hang out with her anymore.
Clara sighed and stood up to look for a family portrait. She came back and sat right next to her daughter. She pointed towards a beautiful cow.
-You don’t remember her, but that was my grandmother Willis. She was a party girl and even though you see her so happy in this picture she was a little sad on the inside because she produced salted caramel milk.
-But salted caramel ice cream is delicious!!
-Well, when she was alive it wasn’t so popular or well seeing flavor to have.
-That’s UTTER nonsense
Clara pinched her daughter’s arm.
-Watch your language, lady! Anyways… what I’m trying to say is that sometimes when you feel that you don’t belong it’s probably just not your time, but that’s the perfect moment to make a change and be proud of you. Besides, I hear the south Asian cows go crazy for chilli pepper milk, so somewhere in the world there are cows just like you.
Clara kissed her daughter good night and went upstairs while Moo Mae stared at the photo for a while.
The next morning arrived and Moo Mae was received in bed by all her family. Everyone was so excited to see her great reveal. Moo Mae went to the kitchen by herself and poured a glass of milk. Her hands were shaking but she could feel her family’s whispering in the living room, so she breathed and started.
Everyone was waiting anxiously. Clara was fanning Grandma Greta so she didn’t faint.
-I don’t want to end like Fred – said the old cow-.
After five minutes everybody was starting to worry. Clara went to the kitchen to see what had happened. She screamed and rushed to the living room shouting.
-Moo Mae is not here!
In the nearby woods, Moo Mae was crying alone while sat on a log. She was holding a glass with a pasty looking milk… It was yogurt. Moo Mae didn’t want to see anyone ever again.
-HOW CAN I BE A COW IF I MAKE YOGURT?!-she said in tears-
Moo Mae heard some ruffling in the bushes, she held the glass very tight and started to sweat intensely. From behind a tree, Felicia appeared with an ice cream cone. As soon as they saw each other, they laughed.
-What are you doing here, Felicia?
-I like to take a stroll in the morning. -She approached Moo Mae and took the glass from here hand swiftly-
-Hey! Gimme back, that!
But it was too late as Clara chugged down the yogurt. Moo Mae was in shock. She closed her eyes to wait for the disgust. But… she just heard a “mmmm”.
-Moo Mae, this is delicious.
-It is?!
-Yeah, I think you can make a profit out of this.
-How so! Everyone will laugh.
-Nah… just the boring kids in school that produce chocolate milk. I mean, is so predictable. Every ice cream out there has chocolate, or strawberry. The real breakers out of the school are the odd ones, like Jerry who makes Mint Julep ice cream with his milk or Ben who I hear has all of his neighbors in shock with the Blueberry and Coconut ice cream he makes for their calf’s parties. And just the other day I found a group of Vietnamese cows who loved the spicy ice cream milkshake I made for them.
Moo Mae couldn’t believe how confident Felicia sounded. All that time, she thought that everyone would laugh but it really was just a minority. Maybe the times had changed since Willis’ time. She then stood up and walked with Felicia to reunite with her very worried family. Clara and all her relatives came together to hug her. She showed her glass and all of them cheered, because for the first time Moo Mae knew that what she had inside her was invaluable.

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