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Organic Ice Cream – What Is It & Stores Nearby

organic ice cream
The smooth, creamy taste of ice cream elicits childhood memories the moment it hits your tongue. It’s impossible not to enjoy this frosty treat, regardless of your flavor preference. Over the recent years, organic ice cream has taken a larger and larger scoop of the marketplace, with grocery stores now stocking a widespread selection. But is it worth it as a consumer?

What’s The Difference In Organic Ice Cream

Is there really a huge difference between what we would think of as regular ice cream and organic ice cream? Absolutely. The big difference in how organic ice cream is made is the treatment of the livestock and the use of hormones and/or antibiotics in the dairy component. This doesn’t always affect consistency and taste in the ice cream being produced, but depending on the process used, it can have subtle differences.

The ingredients for regular ice cream don’t have the same standards for those used in organic ice cream. Cows raised organically, who provide the dairy needed to make ice cream, are typically not given antibiotics or hormones and are on average more healthy. You can taste the difference in organic milk produced this way, which can have an effect on the taste of organic ice cream, too.

Organic ice cream has a specific standard that it’s held to during production. The dairy products used must come from cows raised organically, as well as all other ingredients used. This includes stabilizers and emulsifiers, as well as vanilla bean, sugar cane, and other common ice cream ingredients.

What Are The Benefits Of Organic Ice Cream?

For starters, the components required to make organic ice cream are more natural, which means that you aren’t stuffing your body with unnecessary chemicals or pesticides. Secondly, organic ice cream has lactic acid, which can help to balance intestinal microbiota.

Since the manufacturing process is carefully monitored, you can be sure that you won’t be ingesting anything that hasn’t been properly organically cultivated. The ingredients that are used can be very healthy, with milk being the key component. Everything used is completely natural and is even nutritious since it contains omega 3 fatty acids, which help you to maintain a healthy body.

How Does It Benefit You?

Organic ice cream is also brimming with things that your body needs to be more energetic, like proteins and carbohydrates. In fact, it’s been confirmed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that a half cup of organic vanilla ice cream contains 137 kilocalories of energy, which your body needs to get through its day properly.

It also has minerals that your body craves, like phosphorus and calcium, which help to keep your bones healthy. Other nutrients include various vitamins (C, E, D, B6, and K). On top of all that, it also has antioxidants, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine to help with nerve function and boosting your immune system.

So, is it worth it to switch over to organic ice cream? Yes! The flavors are bountiful and the benefits are proven. Grab some and see for yourself!

Organic Ice Cream Stores Nearby

See the map below for a listing of organic ice cream stores.

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